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The Untold Stories Behind the Cultural Encounters That Transform Our Lives

   The Show

Our podcast aims to demonstrate how exploring a new culture (in these stories, Japanese culture) can enrich one's life, but the same mentality of open-mindedness and adaptability can apply to just about anything. We believe a single moment of curiosity can lead to a lifelong pursuit, or simply allow us to realize the unexpected opportunities life presents and help us make more meaningful connections along the way.  We hope our listeners hear these stories and feel inspired to embrace what is unfamiliar.

Image by Maria Shanina
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Our podcast program is made possible thanks to the support of the

Toshiba International Foundation


the japan foundation center for global partnership

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For our seventh episode, we interviewed Patricia Maclachlan, Professor of Government and Asian Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. 

The start of Patricia's Japan journey was relatively understated, beginning with her musician father and his fondness for Kawai pianos. Her interest in the country only deepened in college, taking her to northern Hokkaido for a job with the YMCA and culminating with a PhD in Political Science and Japan Studies.

In our conversation, we especially highlight Patricia's research on Japan's postal system and agricultural cooperatives and the huge role these two institutions play in Japanese society, politics, economics, and culture, as well as in daily life.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

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