Kasia Lynch


Kasia (カーシャ) Lynch is a trilingual American who spent 8 years in Japan, including high school, college, graduate school, and her professional career. She earned her Bachelor’s from Boston University and Master’s from Tokyo’s Ochanomizu University. 

Kasia’s career utilizing Japanese language and cultural skills began in 2003 with concert promotion, and later moved to interpreting/translating, electronics, and the automotive industry. She was able to do this while living in Japan, Poland, Italy, and the US.

Since starting Ikigai Connections in 2018, Kasia has been featured in various Japan-related podcasts, websites, and webinars, including USJETAA, Small Business Japan, Laurasian Institution, Japan Expert Insights, and BFF Tokyo. Her goal is for NihongoJobs.com to become the go-to job board for all Japanese jobs in the US.

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